Open Positions

    We are looking for creative team with strong craft skills and catchy eye for details. We have a strong belief in a healthy work atmosphere when you love what you do, your source of motivation is your passion, things work differently and asking for how much? Or how long hours? dissolve by itself.


    Working in a startup company can be challenging, changing plans, short deadlines, schedules & delivery. We are a high-speed dynamic creative business. We have built a successful business model with a lot of studies and researches. From day one, we have decided to be environmental friendly and using only recyclable materials. We are conscious about the environmental problems and we know how difficult to go green.


    The good news that you will find yourself at a starting level of a project that has the bright potential to be something huge. If you have the leadership spirit, willing to work hard to catch a high position in a task you will love to do every day. Then this opportunity might be your best bet. We are looking for creative visionary artists who eager to see their successful impact on the project and how far it will reflect on the company. Growing together with the company.


    Hiring is all about how you will fit into our team. you can always send to us about your skills

    E-mail: admin@cretvo.com

    Tel: +4571469287


  • Perks & Benefits

    We will make sure that you will have a great experience.

    Training and experience certificate​

    Exciting and fun working atmosphere, social gatherings and games

    Free beer on Fridays

    Privileges and drinks. Free coffee/tea/treats/fruits

    Partnership and opportunity to equity package offer

    Skill development program

    Flexible work hours and vacation

    Located near public transit, easy access

    Work from home when you have important task to do

    When you invest your time and knowledge with us, we will make sure to be well evaluated into a (win/win) situation, then offering an effective title as a Supervisor, Manager, Director or Head of Department will be easy to decide.


    Explore your creativity