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    It's quite challenging to move out of your comfort zone looking for an adventure

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    We are a group of passionate designers who love craft artwork and enjoy exploring with different materials and tools, after many years of working with computer graphics technical fields, we decided to come back to the workshop with a strong interest in design and creation to build handmade crafts and models. we feel happy when we see smile on kids’ faces, we happy to spread love to our community, after we organized few successful training workshops for kids and the joy of making them feels happy as future young creative designers, we decided to put our art into the market and make it available in kids hands everywhere in the world.


    Main goal is to find creative ways to develop children's craft skills in the art field with a strong belief in art benefits such as mental and creative development, social interaction and building confidence. we aim to create childhood memories that last a lifetime.


    Our Vision is to produce a huge variety of designs and models for both kids and adults to reach all ages and community to have a healthy recreation for families at home.



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    Designs, features and workshops.

    Concept & Identity

    The future is an idea in a child's brain

    Intelligently designed and beautifully crafted house decoration, creative handmade Craft 3D Model, develop kids creativity and art skills.
    Play, Create, Assemble and reassemble parts together for hundreds of time.

    What's in the BOX

    Video from CRETVO channel

    LED House 01 is a unique LED puzzle 3D model for kids and adults, unboxing simple video about the parts.

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    A small tagline

    Made from durable materials, safe for children and the environment

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    LED House (Rainbow & Flicker)

    LED at night

    Classy, artistic and captivating light at night, LED 3D Puzzle House will add an artistic touch to your house. The LED works great at night or in dark areas.

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    LED House (Rainbow)

    Choose what do you like

    This creative LED House will change colors by time to give relaxing mode, very good for quiet silent ambiance romantic night.

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    LED House (Flicker)

    Choose what do you like

    This creative LED House will simulate candle lighting behavior, this flicker candle effect will be great for celebration events like birthday parties or graduation ceremony.


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